Deep Isolation has completed a set of post-closure radiological safety calculations for a generic horizontal drillhole repository sited in shale for the disposal of spent nuclear fuel.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal in a Deep Horizontal Drillhole Repository Sited in Shale: Numerical Simulations in Support of a Generic Post-Closure Safety Analysis

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Deep Isolation held webinars on April 22, 2020 and May 12, 2020 to share the initial results from the post-closure safety calculations for a generic deep horizontal drillhole repository. Questions asked by participants specifically regarding the Safety Calculation Report is now available for download.

Important Note: This document describes post-closure safety calculations for a generic deep horizontal drillhole repository. The calculations are preliminary and do not derive from a specific geographic location or geological site. The layout and design of the repository represent only the general disposal concept as no site-specific characterization data or detailed technical designs are available. The conceptual and numerical models, as well as assumptions and parameters and their uncertainties, are reflective of this context. Generic calculations are a necessary step toward developing a comprehensive, site-specific safety analysis that will support the safety case of a deep horizontal drillhole repository in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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    Safety in Depth: Calculations for a Deep Horizontal Drillhole Repository

    Deep Isolation shares the results and findings from its recent analyses.


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