Reduce the risk and liability of your growing spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste inventories with a Deep Isolation solution. Our three-step plan provides steady progress and is adaptable to specific location factors.

Solution Life Cycle

Step 1: Foundation Study

This complete report delivers an IAEA-compliant evidential base with a fully costed business case. We conduct a comprehensive feasibility assessment that includes:

  • Initial analysis to investigate suitable locations
  • A delivery roadmap that considers regulatory requirements
  • A map of the stakeholder environment
Step 2: Operational Readiness Program

This stage demonstrates a working solution with community engagement, site characterization, and a test drillhole. Cold operations review for fuel transfer, placement, retrievability and safety procedures can also be completed with our technology partners and local providers.

Step 3: Disposal

As the final step, the deep drillhole repository is operationalized including fuel assembly transfer into custom-fit canisters, and emplacement. This includes:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Continued stakeholder engagement
  • Repository monitoring
  • Material handling activities
  • Retrieval procedures

The first step to isolate your waste inventory is with our Foundation Study. Contact us to see how our solution would work for your needs.

Download the Foundation Study brochure.

The Deep Isolation Difference

Stakeholder Involvement

Engagement starts early to build trust, partnership, and consent. Our local partnership continues throughout the process to bring benefit to communities.

Technical Siting

Location assessment occurs in conjunction with academic and scientific organizations to determine areas with suitable geology.


Directional drilling, canister design, and fuel handling that is backed by the expertise of global partners like Bechtel.

Quality Assurance

Safe and successful delivery is ensured by our industry-leading team of experts, renowned advisors, reputable partners, and an extended community of independent reviewers.

Benefits of a Deep Isolation Solution


Safety through geological isolation


The only publicly demonstrated disposal solution


Early and inclusive stakeholder engagement


Minimal transportation


Deployable Now

Backed by the Expertise of Industry-Leading Partners

Bechtel National, Inc., part of the largest engineering and construction company in the United States will support Deep Isolation’s sales and engineering capabilities as well as the capacity to deliver its solution around the world. Moreover, Bechtel can now offer Deep Isolation’s solution for decommissioning projects.

NAC International, a leading nuclear fuel cycle consulting and technology solutions company specializing in casks and canister systems for nuclear materials transport and spent fuel storage and disposal will collaborate to advance Deep Isolation’s current design for canister storage, disposal, and equipment for the transfer of nuclear waste from existing storage areas to a Deep Isolation repository.